DONATE – Ways you can support our project

“Hospital Volunteer” (“Voluntar in Spital”)
Carrying on the Mercy Charism through our hospital volunteer program.

The “Hospital Volunteer” Project is a network of awareness, support and activity that has transformed the lives and attitude of many. We have a tradition in volunteer dedication of more than 25 years, but in this formula (involving the community) we have only started in June 2013.
We value Sister Mary Aloysius Legacy (all that we have learned and experienced in 23 years of mission) and we want to be sure that in Romania, The Mercy Spirit Continues.

Every donation, big or small, means that –together – we can give M.S.Curie Children the gift of a gold, child-friendly hospital experience. Our Vision is to provide every patient with the care we want for those we love the most.
Whatever you donate will make a difference, but we especially need support for our main programs:
1. Helping little abandoned or ill children: the children we have in care are from orphanages, in poorer circumstances or with parents less well of. For them we always need to provide nappies, clothes, food, soft toys, sudocream and sometimes money for transport or medicines.
2. Children with cancer: in the oncology ward we care for 30 children monthly, for whom we try to provide a minimum financial help, considering that being a cancer patient is not only traumatizing but also expensive. You can choose to “adopt” a child and help us to help give 10 £ to each child per month.
3. “Joy Jars” Campaign: the equivalent of a “shoebox”, a joy jar is a jar full with small items that can draw smiles on the faces of hospitalized children. You can support this action by sending small items (5-10 cm) like: small toys, sweets… or you can donate 7£, and we will prepare the joy jar for you.
4. The Playrooms: in November 2013, with the help of Sisters of Mercy and a local foundation we set up two playing areas. Since the program started, more than 70 volunteers dedicated around 6000 hours to work with 3800 children. Providing play therapy to so many is costing us the most because we are constantly in big need of paints, paper, puzzles, toys, books, furniture, disinfectant materials.
5. Bedside activities: another important service we provide is the daily work of volunteers in the hospital wards with children that are not able to move, in this way delivering a secure, familiar type of space in order to help the patient better adapt to the medical context. Again we need help for providing the needing materials like: paints, paper, puzzles, toys, coloring books, magazines, etc.
6. Group activities in the Recovery Medical Centre: weekly volunteers are organized in teams which are providing occupational therapy sessions for the benefit of the impaired children. For these we use techniques such as: art therapy, arts and crafts, play therapy, activities that need lots of supplies.
7. We are always happy to receive volunteers to come to work with us in the hospital.

Ways you can help us sustain the programs:

1. If you would like to help us bringing smiles and colors in children’s life, but if you live too far or your free time is limited, you can support us by:
 Making a singular donation in our account.
 Making a regular donation (every month/year) – standing order.
Our account: Asociatia de Medicina pentru Sanatate Publica (AMSP Charity): CUI 16729783, SWIFT – BRDEROBU, IBAN Euro: RO58BRDE445SV73576404450.

2. We are always delighted to receive gifts in kind for our children. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of what our kids love receiving:
• What our kids love: board games, computer games, arts and crafts (for example paints and Playdough), modelling kits, jigsaws, kits for girls (for example jewellery making kits and nail art).
• What our babies love: Stimulating new toys including: mobiles and musical mobiles, kaleidoscopes, toys to stimulate the senses, musical toys
• What we can’t use: used toys, over-sized soft toys, large mechanical or motorised toys, used clothing, second-hand books, used magazines
• Where to send your gifts: Hospital address: Spitalul M.S.Curie, Bulevardul Constantin Brancoveanu, nr.20, sector 4, Bucharest, Romania/ The destination person: Tanase Elena Raluca – phone: 0040.737.347.883), e-mail:

3. Fundraise for us: There’s lots of ways you can get involved with fundraising for our projects, from cake sales and collection boxes, to balls and bike rides, the sky’s the limit.
4. Spread the Word: One small click for you, one giant leap for us: Clicking ‘like’, or ‘share’ might not seem like much, but if that one click leads to some of your friends telling their friends, who tell their friends, who tell their friends… you can see how pretty soon your small action can have a huge impact. It really, really makes a difference to us, and our children. These are the places you find us on social media:
Facebook pages:

5. Volunteer with us. We are always happy to receive you in our team. If you are a creative person, love kids and enjoy spending time with them, are a happy communicative and hearty person, enjoy helping the ones in need, then, your place is with us. Do not hesitate to contact us for planning your visit to our hospital.





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